Now it's the turn of the 3.10.91 LTS kernel

Linux Kernel 3.10.91 LTS brings lots of Drives updates, some ARM and PPC fixes

After yesterday's announcement about the 3.4.110 kernel update, more updates were announced last night.

Linux Kernel 3.10.91 LTS

Now the 3.10.91 LTS kernel turn

Now it was Greg Kroah-Hartman's turn to announce the release of the 3.10.91 LTS kernel. According to Greg, a very normal update that doesn't impress much. It has a bit of everything, starting with some bugfixes on the ARM, ARM64, m68k, and MIPS architectures, plus some improvements on the PowerPC (PPC) and x86 platforms. , and continuing with corrections in perf, mm, sound, and network (mostly geared to Netfilter). You can find the code on GitHub.

Several drivers received updates such as InfiniBand, MD, MTD, GPU (DRM), Macintosh, networking, SPI, SCSI, and USB. Several improvements to filesystems have also occurred, such as Btrfs, CIFS, and UDF filesystems. As always, it is advised to users of distributors and professionals selling Linux support who use this kernel to upgrade it.

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