Now it's official: Bradesco and Banco do Brasil join Apple Pay!

Now it's official: Bradesco and Banco do Brasil join Apple Pay!

The soap opera ended.

Finally what many expected after multiple leaks and even an early confirmation from Apple happened: from now on, credit cards from Bradesco It's from Bank of Brazil j can be used in Apple Pay!

Apparently, the two new institutions only accept cards from the flag Visa. However, in tests carried out by the in the last few weeks, at least BB does accept registration and payment with debit cards something that has not been possible since the launch of Apple Pay at Ita.

Recent Apple Pay transactions on WalletWallet does not indicate (due to Apple's failure), but two transactions from the list above were paid in debit and the rest in credit.

The registration process for a Bradesco and Banco do Brasil credit card is exactly the same as that of Ita, after all, it is a native iOS experience and not something controlled by banks. Even the credit card verification step is the same, which can be done by the bank / card app, via SMS or by the respective call center.

Bradesco app icon

Bradesco Cards app icon

Banco do Brasil app icon

Ourocard app icon - Credit card.

Apple Pay, it is worth remembering, can be used for purchases in physical stores (iPhones and Apple Watches) or online (iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and Macs). For those interested, here are some interesting articles on the topic that we have already made here on the site and that can be very useful for those who are now joining in the fun:

Now that another stage has been won (that of exclusivity), with the entry of two new banks, here is our support for others (not only traditional ones like Caixa and Santander, but also Inter, Original, Neon, etc.) and fintechs (like Nubank, Trigg and others) will also start supporting Apple Pay very soon.

The more companies participating, the better! 😃