Now it's official: Apple kills AirPort line

Now it's official: Apple kills AirPort line

Apple has just done what it should have done a long time ago, as it chose not to keep the line up to date: killing all airports.

In a statement sent to the Tom’s Guide, Apple confirmed today that it is officially discontinuing the AirPort Express, O AirPort Extreme and the AirPorts Time Capsule.

The first strong indication that this would happen came in mid-January, when she started selling a Linksys solution in her stores, but in fact it had been seen as a possibility since the end of 2016.

Going back to the first sentence of the post, it's really a shame that Apple is jumping off that boat. On the other hand, she had to do something; the AirPort Express was one that had no sense yet to be on sale as it had been launched in June 2012 and was still 802.11n. The other two were already 802.11ac, but they had also been unchanged in hardware for almost five years, which in technology was an eternity.

Apple said consumers may still find products selling both online and in physical stores, but only as long as stocks last. As they were officially discontinued today, she should still continue to support and release some software / security updates for them for a few years.

Original AirPort from 1999

The first AirPort base (above) was launched by Apple in July 1999.