Disassemble the 15

Now it was the 15 ″ MacBook Pro’s turn to be taken apart by iFixit – spoiler: the verdict is the same

Two days after publishing the dismantling of the new 13 ″ MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, which brought a series of inconvenient truths, the iFixit is back today – this time with the dissection of the big brother from Apple’s new line of portable computers. That said, in the old “disappointed but not surprised” feeling, I need to report that the firm’s considerations were almost as bad as those of the smaller MBP.

When you open the bottom cover of the new 15 ″ MacBook Pro, you find an architecture very similar to that of the 13-inch model: the same internal layout of items, the same double ventilation system (here the blades have a different design, for some reason) reason), the same five-cell battery strongly glued to the chassis, the same speakers not positioned exactly below the microperforations next to the keyboard (which, again, are mostly aesthetic) and sound that comes out mostly through the air intakes in the lower part.

Disassemble the 15

A detail not mentioned in my post on Wednesday, but which is present in both the 13 ″ and 15 ″ MBP, is an intriguing connector that doesn’t give anywhere; it simply exists, there, on the motherboard. The general suspicion is that it serves to transfer the data from the SSD to an external volume, which would be useful in the event of a logic board failure – since, since storage is soldered on the board, a failure in any component would mean loss of data as well. The final answer to this mystery, however, only Apple knows for now.

The 15 ″ MBP also has its small brother’s only bright spot, which is the easily replaceable trackpad. Here, however, the touch surface is so big (seriously, look at the photo below) that Apple needed to put a second Broadcom chip for touch control.

Trackpad of the new 15

Overall, the machine achieved the same 1/10 score as its smaller sister, with iFixit pointing out that the only bright spot is the trackpad and everything else is basically irreparable. Not cool, Apple, not cool.

They also published a video discussing the changes to this MBP:

To check the teardown full 15 ″ MBP, click here.