Now developers can test their apps on up to 500 Apple devices

Now developers can test their apps on up to 500 Apple devices

Yesterday we reported that Apple made a significant change to its developer program. As of now everything (OS X, iOS and watchOS) is unified under a single $ 100 annual subscription. Because in addition to this change and the possibility that anyone can now download Xcode 7 and test the app under development directly on the device without having to pay the $ 100 subscription fee, the company also implemented another one that should be very pleasing: the increase in the device limit that can be used for testing.

Apple Developer Program

Until then, the limit was 100 devices. At one point, the company indicated that this number could jump to 200, but that increase did not happen. For now it has allowed up to 500 devices to be used. However, this number is broken as follows:

  • 100 iPads
  • 100 iPhones
  • 100 iPod touch
  • 100 Apple Watches
  • 100 Apple TVs

Well, right? But what caught our attention was the inclusion of Apple TV in this cake, after all, it is the only device that does not have the possibility to install applications.

This would be another strong indication that set-top box Ma will soon win an SDK (software development kit, or software development kit) and an app store? In my view, yes even more so considering the information that a new Apple TV would be presented at WWDC 2015, but that the company changed its mind at the last minute.

(tip from Rodrigo Kieffer; via MacRumors)