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Nougat version of Xposed Framework is coming, says developer

If you have root access to your Android operating system, then you most likely know the Xposed Framework and its modules. However, like Xposed developed by one man, rovo89, the process of module renewal and support for new versions of Android takes a little longer. However, according to the software developer himself, Xposed modules for Nougat are already under development and should be released soon.

For those who have parachuted here, the Xposed Framework is a set of Android tools responsible for allowing the installation of applications from various developers. Functions range from making the device boot process faster to customizing the device status bar. In other words, using the Xposed Framework the possibilities to customize a smartphone operating system are multiple, so the need to always have modules optimized for the latest versions of Google platform.

Now, in a note on XDA Developers, rovo89 says he's having some trouble bringing Nougat to the framework because of some changes to the Android Runtime. Thus, the fact that Google has made changes to improve the speed of the Android system and its applications in general has made it harder to work with the ROM core on Xposed modules.

The solution found by the developer was to work with the JIT compiler and its early implementation (including until avoiding all recompilation of ROM from previous versions), but there is still no specific date for the arrival of Xposed optimized for Nougat. However, as the service offered for free, you can not press the guy to release the new modules, right? But it's nice to see the developer offering a position on Xposed's arrival to Nougat.

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