Notre Dame Cathedral to Receive Apple Donation for Reconstruction

Yesterday, the national and international media shrewdly reflected the (almost millennial) fire in Notre Dame cathedral, in Paris (France). While damage to the structure is still being assessed, the French government is already considering rebuilding the cathedral and continuing to investigate the causes of the flames that hit the site.

Speaking of rebuilding, after the fire many people (including TV and movie personalities) and companies went to the web to support and help the cathedral's rebuilding actions, including Apple's CEO, Tim cook.

Earlier this morning, the executive shared on Twitter that everyone in Cupertino is saddened by the fact and announced that Apple will contribute to efforts to rebuild the Parisian historical symbol.

We are heartbroken by the French people and by whom Notre Dame is a symbol of hope. Relieved that everyone is safe. Apple will contribute to the reconstruction efforts to help restore Notre Dame's precious inheritance for future generations. 🇫🇷

Unlike other tragedies around the world, such as the northern California forest fire in 2018 and the floods in Kerala last year, Apple did not share how much to donate to the cathedral's reconstruction efforts in Paris. . In all, the donations pledged now total R $ 2.6 billion.

The fire burned the historic landmark for almost 15 hours, completely destroying the roof of the site and causing the collapse of one of its towers. Firefighters worked overnight to protect the main structure, but parts of it are still unstable.