nothing new, but with beautiful 4K images!

Flight over Apple Park: nothing new, but with beautiful 4K images!

The Steve Jobs Theater opened at Apple?s last special event, but not all venues in the Apple Park they are completely finished; therefore, we will continue to follow the images of drone overflights!

O YouTuber Matthew Roberts, as always, it brought us another video showing the ?spaceship? and, although it doesn?t have so much news, the footage was beautiful.

In addition to showing some details up close, such as the panels above the main building, it is also possible to see the interior of certain parts of the buildings surrounded by glass and the terrace of the Visitor Center.

If we pay attention to the landscaping, we will see that it basically continues as we saw a month ago, with a large area still to be planted. Still, the video is worth the beautiful 4K images of the entire structure!