Not able to activate your free year on Apple TV +? Request your coupon!

No one is immune from errors, least of all in a launch of the magnitude of the Apple TV +, service of streaming of Apple videos that reached more than 100 countries last Friday.

The company’s promise is that if you bought an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac or Apple TV after the day September 10th, you are entitled to a free one-year subscription to Apple TV +, as we’ve explained. And everything is done automatically, since the Apple TV app “understands” that you have a new device and already offers you the free subscription.

It turns out that not everyone is doing it. I myself, who bought an iPhone 11 Pro Max on 9/20, came across the message below when I tried to activate the subscription.

Problems subscribing to Apple TV +

Fortunately, in a second attempt I succeeded. But some people are really in trouble and failing. If you are one of them, it is worth remembering that the best way to remedy this situation is to try to activate through the official website of the service.

Apple TV + on the web

Still, if you are unsuccessful, contact Apple support, as reported by MacRumors. According to reports by Reddit users, the company is offering promotional codes for one year of subscription to those who are eligible and are not able to activate in the traditional way.

It’s good to note that you’ll most likely need information such as the operating system version of the device you’re using, the proof of purchase for the product, the date of purchase, and the name of the store where you purchased the eligible product.

Tip: validate the product purchase date

The reader William Almeida Pestana recently purchased a MacBook Air (2017 model). Since the Mac was not purchased directly from Apple – that is, it was purchased and stocked by a retailer until it reached William’s hands – he figured he would not be able to activate his free annual subscription.

After an unsuccessful attempt, he tried to verify the Mac warranty and, when accessing the page dedicated to that task with the computer’s serial number, a message to validate the purchase date appeared. He then called the company and validated, managing to subsequently activate his free one-year subscription to Apple TV +.

So here’s the tip for those in the same situation: validate the date of purchase of your product by contacting Apple. ?