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Nokia with Android, Sony with WP and Samsung with Tizen: Understand OS Swap

Many factors are involved in a manufacturer's decision to start integrating another operating system into their devices. For companies whose handsets are not selling well, switching may be the secret of survival. But what about successful partnerships? In the smartphone market, diversification seems to be the keyword of the year, and in your name is worth even making changes to the winning team. Let's try to understand the dance of SO chairs together? I have separated three representative examples.

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Understand the chair dancing of operating systems. / AndroidPIT
<h2><strong>Nokia – Android how to save the crop?</strong></h2>
<p>Unsurprisingly, despite having the best smartphone cameras, the sale of the Lumia series running on Windows Phone has disappointed the Finnish manufacturer. Even before Microsoft bought Microsoft's mobile phone department, Nokia had been testing its handsets with other operating systems, notably Android. One such subject gets weekly headlines on blogs and tech sites: the Nokia Normandy.</p><div class=
evleaks nokia normandy
Nokia Normandy would be Nokia's first Android phone. / @evleaks

The device runs a well-customized version of Android, and is still surrounded by mysteries. If released, it represents a milestone for Microsoft's infidelity to its own Windows Phone. Anything goes to improve sales or did Normandy already have the contract-guaranteed release before the Bill Gates company came on the scene? In any case, the device has a good chance of success in the category of low end, and can only represent the beginning of the leap around Nokia with Android.

nokia normandy leak UI 01
Normandy's interface resembles Windows Phone, but the app icons leave no room for doubt: a legitimate Android! / @evleaks

Sony – Windows Phone as a strategy

Long and successful has been the collaboration between Sony and Android. Always careful design and choice of the best materials show up on devices like the Xperia Z1 and Z Ultra, some of the best showcases for Google's operating system. But the Japanese company supposedly surrendered to Microsoft's expansion plans for Windows Phone, which would be willing to spend about $ 2.6 billion (in part by making a profit from software lynx) to see its operating system. running on devices from Sony, Samsung and Huawei. According to the latest rumors, Sony's Windows Phone is part of the well-known series. Vaio, and should be launched by mid-2014. Absolutely unlikely, however, that Sony will fully embrace its partnership with Android, the fastest growing OS in the world.

What would a Sony Windows Phone look like? / Sony, Microsoft / AndroidPIT

Samsung – Tizen and the cry of independence

Samsung's strategy is similar to Sony's. Despite the sheer success of partnering with Android, producing year after year record sales such as the Galaxy S3, S4 and Note 3, the South Korean company does not want to continue betting all its chips on a single operating system. Over-reliance on Android (and by extension Google) could be detrimental in the future. Google itself does the same in its Nexus device production partnerships, having already traded HTC for Samsung, then switching to Asus and then LG.

Samsung Tizen phone
Tizen is already in advanced testing phase. / Samsung / Mobile Geeks

Unlike Sony, however, Samsung is betting on the development of its own operating system, Tizen, which has already leaked running on an S3 and an S4 and would be in advanced testing. The advantages of an OS itself are numerous, just look at the performance of Android on the Nexus and iOS on iPhones: updates always arrive faster, are more stable, there is no conflict between the UI and the new version, etc. In the short term, the lucrative Android duo will not be undone, but depending on Tizen's success, the company could radically change the power game in the global smartphone market.

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