Could Nokia and Apple settle their disputes in court thanks to Microsoft?

Nokia takes new patent infringement charge against Apple to ITC

In an official press release released today, Nokia announced that it has brought a new patent infringement charge against Apple to the ITC (International Trade Commission) in the United States, citing seven inventions that would be used illegally by her not only on iPhones, but also on Macs and iPods. The new lawsuit comes to the public after Apple filed its lawsuit against Nokia over a lawsuit that began in October.


The patents claimed by Nokia in this new complaint against Apple refer to the creation of user interfaces, manipulation of cameras, antennas and even power management in devices. All of them supposedly allowed the Finnish company to create devices with greater energy autonomy, smaller dimensions and reduced price, but they would also be included in the wave of inventions that it has already accused Apple of having infringed in the last two and a half years.

"While our Delaware lawsuit is related to Apple's attempt to hitch a ride on Nokia's investments in wireless standards, the ITC case today reported on Apple's practice of building its business upon Nokia's proprietary innovation," said Paul Melin, Nokia's patent licensing manager. In total, there are 17 patents claimed by her, against 13 by Apple.

(via Reuters)