Nokia proposes new interface for Symbian

The Symbian Foundation has a proposal from Nokia to renew the Symbian mobile operating system. Online, no blog from Symbian, the details of the proposal can be known, which provides for a redesign of the system at the interface level, simplifying the user experience and starting to organize information in a more intuitive way.

The main menu disappears and a library of applications will be highlighted, where four areas will be highlighted: Contacts, Music, Photos and Applications. The architecture of the control panel and the menus for personalizing the equipment and adjusting settings will also be completely reformulated, according to Nokia’s proposal, which also foresees the disappearance of some options and better multitasking management.

The Finnish manufacturer’s proposal is aimed at a Symbian version 4, identified by S ^ 4, which is expected to be launched on the market over the next year. The suggestions will now be analyzed and voted on by the sovereign community in a final decision on the options that will appear in the final version of the operating system, competing with Android, Windows Mobile and iPhone OS.

Before the arrival of Symbian ^ 4, the Symbian Foundation will also launch two more updates to the operating system this year. Symbian ^ 2 will be the first version of the product as open software and after that, Symbian ^ 3 is still scheduled for 2010.

The first of the two versions planned for this year will introduce the possibility to customize a main screen. The second will introduce support for multitouch gestures, among other features.

Nokia’s proposal to the Foundation can be found here. It is there that the sample images of the proposal are shown below.