Noggin (from Nickelodeon) joins Apple TV channels in Brazil

The application Apple TV it is a monster that has some heads. There you have access to Apple TV + streaming Apple videos) and several films (which were previously part of the iTunes Store catalog and are now available for rent within the app).

There are also content from “partner” apps (such as HBO, Netflix, Prime Video, FOX, Globoplay, etc.) that are highlighted on Apple TV – in this case, when trying to play the content (which needs a subscription), you are played for the app in question.

But it doesn’t stop there: there are still Apple TV channels. Here, as in the “partner” apps, the contents of these services are also highlighted in the Apple TV app; the difference is that you can subscribe and watch everything through the Apple app itself.

We have already commented on the two services that are part of Apple TV channels, Smithsonian Plus and STARZPLAY. Now, one more came into play: the Noggin by Nick Jr., focusing on children’s content.

Noggin by Nick Jr. app icon

The service has in its catalog famous children’s series like “Patrulha Canina”, “Blaze and the Monster Machines”, “Dora the Adventurer”, “Go, Diego, Go!” and many others.

The service costs R $ 9.50 per month and offers seven days of tasting for you to see if your little ones enjoy the content. ?

Apple TV app icon

Apple TV

in Apple

Version 1.6 (917.5 KB) Requires iOS 10.2 or superior

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