“No One” or “Days of a forgotten stab”

Game of Thrones S06E08: "No One" ou "Dias de uma punhalada esquecida"

Check out our review of Game of Thrones S06E08: No One. Lady Crane took Arya home, took care of her injuries and the Dog went back to killing.

Yes, she is Arya Stark

Yes, she is Arya Stark

We are nearing the end of the sixth season of game of Thrones and with that, the episode 6 × 08: “No One, solved an arc that, by the title, you can guess who we are talking about. Other stories also unfolded, but not in the way we expected.

«No One» was marked by a feeling of anticlimax and disappointment with the way the writers handled subjects that could have been much better worked on, and that left a feeling that the series is increasingly far from the genius of George RR Martin.

If you don’t care about spoilers, come with me to analyze the episode …

Although I did not believe much in the theory about Arya, I even hoped it was true after seeing what they did with the character. As a girl who was always very smart, she faced people much more dangerous than her and had such hard training, allowed herself to be stabbed so silly, while wandering the streets of Braavos and admired the giant that adorns your entrance? And without your sword …

Waif and Arya

And the worst of all was not even the “hesitation” committed by the girl, but the following: How girl who is nobody, also known as Waif, or abandoned girl, didn’t you find little Stark hurt and let her go? And how does someone your size survive, having lost so much blood? Forgetting this detail, why Arya was it hiding in the closet of a stranger, who she didn’t even know would help?

Leaving these details aside, we pay attention to the girl’s new superpower, which seems to be the same as Wolverine and Deadpool, apparently.

In the best style “X-men: Days of a forgotten stab“, Arya managed to escape from Waif in the home of Lady Crane who did an incredible staging in the theater with the girl’s tips – jumping out the window and doing daring acrobatics, with a bandage on his wounds.

Again asking: how could someone hurt do that? Only with healing factor!

Deadpool approves Westeros mutant Deadpool approves Westeros mutant

The writers could have been more attentive to this sequence and prepared a better explanation. But, fortunately the ending was so good that it wipes out 50% of the disappointment with all this. The scene in which Arya he arrives at his hiding place, picks up his sword and cuts out the candle by turning off the light is just incredible.


Arya still made a point of returning to Black and White House, put the face of Waif in the faces gallery and even faced Jaqen H’ghar, who said that finally the girl was not «no one», then she said: “The girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell. And I’m going home ”. The arc of Arya in Braavos ended with: “it was good, but it could be better”. Perhaps, the next episodes reserve some surprise, it costs nothing to wait.


And by the way, the rest of the episode was filled with anticlimax: first for Sandor Clegane, the dog, who had to settle for hanging two men he wanted to disembowel. Then we were the ones who had to settle for Zombie Mountain tearing off the head of just one follower of Militant Faith. We all expected more …

Another dull moment, but with a hint of meaning, Correrio. Brienne found Jaime again and this yielded a remarkable dialogue. But in the end, he and Edmure Tully they resolved the siege of the castle in a disappointing way. We didn’t even see Black Fish fighting, Jaime didn’t fight, nobody fought.


Another magical moment happened in Meereen, when the masters started bombing the city and Daenerys arrived with his dragons. a dracarys and end of conversation for the masters again. Everything that happened came below expectations and what saved the day was knowing that the next episode will be the long-awaited one “Battle of the Bastards”(Battle of the Bastards, in English)>.

game of Thrones without the books I had everything to maintain or even raise the standard of the series, but it seems to be having difficulties to hold the ends without the literary source of G. RR Martin.

For me, this was the worst episode of the season and it reminded me of the fateful fifth season.

And you, what you think?