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No more grief: We now have USB-C cable and adapters for your MacBook on sale at the MM Store! [atualizado]

If you have one 12 inch MacBook You know that no matter how much Apple sells the wireless connectivity story, sooner or later you will need a cable or an adapter. USB-C to connect Mac accessories after all, real life is very different from what we dream about. ?

Thinking about it, we brought to the MM Store A line of USB-C cable and adapters that goes down like a glove not only for MacBook owners, but also for Mac owners. Fourth generation Apple TV (well, it also has a USB-C port on the back so you have to restore everything via iTunes).


The new MacBook has a different detail from the rest of the Mac line: a USB-C port. By it (a single port) you recharge the notebook, connect accessories, external monitors, etc. However, the vast majority of the accessories you have still use the USB-A standard (better known only as USB, anyway).

If you have a new MacBook and need to connect an HDD or an external hub, for example, you know this is still not one of the simplest tasks in the world. So the USB to USB-C cablefrom ROCK is now available from the MM Store to help you. Simply plug the USB end into the accessory in question and the USB-C end into the MacBook and the devices will talk to each other.

If you happen to have a smartphone with a USB-C port, you also need such a cable to connect the device to your Mac (in this case, through the same conventional USB port).

The new Apple TV (fourth generation) also has a USB-C port on its back. That's why you connect your device to your Mac / PC if you need to restore Apple TV through iTunes, for example.

That is, we are talking about specific scenarios but which will undoubtedly be essential for some of you.


USB / USB-C cable


Material: eraserColors: white, black or rose goldCompatibility: MacBook and Apple TV (fourth generation)

R $ 49,90

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Adapter – Baseus USB to USB-C Hub

Modern and compact, the Adapter – USB to USB-C Hub, from Baseus, combines two solutions into one accessory.

Your technology dual support Allows the adapter to be used to recharge your devices while transferring data and easily connects to your smartphone, mouse, keyboard, external drives, etc., allowing simultaneous use of up to four devices with a USB connection.

It offers 5Gbps speed and a 3A current capable of recharging external smapthones, tablets and batteries without any difficulty. Super light and compact, it is made of aluminum alloy (with a matte finish) and has excellent grip to the touch, preventing falls and accidents.

Adapter - USB to USB-C Hub

R $ 109.90

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Baseus USB to USB-C Adapter

Modern and compact, the USB to USB-C adapter, from Baseus, combines solutions in one accessory.

For those who have joined the new MacBook and do not want to give up their accessories with conventional USB connectors (cables, wired mice, printers and others), this adapter is the solution!

It offers 3A current and transfers data at 5Gbps speed ie high performance for both recharging and transferring. Super light and compact, it is made of aluminum alloy and has a great grip to the touch which prevents falls and accidents.

Baseus USB to USB-C Adapter

USB to USB-C adapter

in Baseus

Material: aluminumColors: space gray or goldenCompatibility: MacBook and Apple TV (fourth generation)

R $ 59.90

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Baseus Micro-USB to USB-C Adapter

The USB-C port is undoubtedly the evolution we expected from the USB standard. But while the accessory world does not migrate to new technology, it is essential that we have adapters so we can connect our old peripherals without a headache.

O Micro-USB to USB-C Adapter, from Baseus, one of the best options for you, who doesn't want to lose access to your Micro-USB accessories.

Made of high quality aluminum alloy and coated with antioxidant and nickel, this accessory ensures safety and stability of the connection. By the way, as USB-C ports transmit data and power, you can still recharge your accessories (if they have a battery, of course).

Baseus Micro-USB to USB-C Adapter

R $ 49,90

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Quality accessories, unpredictable and for a price that fits in your pocket. ?

Update · 4/26/2016 at 11:48 AM

In new negotiation with the supplier, we reduced the values ??of most accessories, enjoy!

And reaffirming our commitment to our customers MM Store, anyone who has recently purchased such products has received or will receive an email with a voucher of the difference in value.