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No more desserts! Google resolves to change several concepts of the new Android

Google has decided to renew and abandon several concepts previously used in Android and is going to take new directions for its little green robot.

With each new version of Android your users try to guess your next name as per the names of famous goodies. Desserts have always been in these long years, and some famous among the Brazilian public, such as KitKat chocolate.


Breaking the 10-year release cycle by naming its dessert versions of Android, Google decided to abandon this way of identifying its mobile system. A tremendous surprise for plant enthusiasts, after all the new letter was Q and names were already being considered. I was never good at hitting the versions of the little green robot, only the letter L had that pleasure (Lollipop, the moment Android visually caught my eye).

No sweets, everything being simpler onwards. Android will only receive a number indicating its versioning. Thus, the new version is renamed Android 10. The abandonment of this tradition was not limited to the way to call your system, design concepts were renewed.

The Android brand received a new font style, as the logo itself had slightly changed colors and formats. According to Aude Gandon, world director of brands for Android, says the brand is more modern. With a new shade of green and a close-up on the Android mascot's face, the changes may seem subtle to some, but those more passionate about the brand may take some getting used to.


Before many complain about changing candy names to just numbers, there is a logic to that. As a company with a worldwide reach, some languages ​​around the world did not identify order through their aliases. Keep in mind that letters do not always have a distinguishable pronunciation and follow the alphabetical order in which the names were chosen. Google itself reports that it has heard a lot of feedback over the years and this new step aims to simplify things and avoid these problems.

In short, the joke and mystery surrounding each release was entertaining and fueled anxiety over the name of the new version. On the other hand, it ended up introducing some negative aspects with the identification of their versions in some countries.

Getting this brand upgrade Android is now called Android 10, Android 11 and so on.

Watch the video The next evolution of Android, featuring this visual change in a way that only Google can do ().

Did you like the novelty or prefer the previous concept?

Until the next post, SYSTEMATICALLY!

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