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No data service? See how to solve this problem on your Android

Several readers have turned to our forum for the solution to a problem beyond annoying: on some devices upgraded to Android 8 (Oreo) a notification pops up insistently with the message "No data service: service temporarily blocked by network".

The problem seems to be especially common on the Galaxy S8 / S8 +, but it can also affect other models. And in addition to the hassle of the on-screen message it can cause an increase in the smartphone's battery consumption as most handsets make a sound and / or vibrate upon receiving a notification. And be patient to put up with a ping every 20 or 30 seconds

How about hiding the notification?

Some readers simply suggest hiding the notification: when it appears on the screen, swipe it left, click on the gear and select the option. Block all notifications. Thus the warning about the data service will no longer appear.

notification without service
This message may appear several times per minute / AndroidPIT Brazil

The problem is that so you are treating the symptom, not the disease. The notification will not appear, but whatever is causing it to be fired continuously keep happening. The best nip in the bud.

A housekeeper solves

To solve the problem once and for all, I need to go a little deeper, as reader Maicon Marcello did. Open the app To set up or Setup and click on Apps (or Apps). A list of all apps installed on your smartphone will appear on the screen. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen, and then Show System See also applications that are part of the operating system.

phone clear data
To resolve the issue, clear Data & Cache from the Phone / AndroidPIT app.

Scroll down until you find the app telephone. Tap it, and on the next screen tap Storage. Now tap the buttons Clear data and Clear cache. This will erase data from the old version of the operating system that may be causing the problem. On some Samsung devices it is possible to find three apps called Phone, you only need to do the procedure on the first one.

Did this tip work for you? Did you have a problem after upgrading your Android smartphone system? Share your experience in the comments.

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