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No Brazil: Google Play Music All Access reaches 9 countries in Latin America

O Google Play Music All Access It's a Big G music subscription service, launched last year. At the time of the launch, only the US was contemplated with the availability of the service, which was later expanded to Western Europe and a few countries from Eastern Europe, Australia, New Zealand and a few others in Latin America. Now nine Latin countries have begun to have the service.

google play music teaser
Still no Brazil in Google's music plans. / Google / AndroidPIT

Unfortunately, Brazil is not on this list: Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, El Salvador and Venezuela. The same price is charged in other countries: $ 9.99 converted to local currency. As music licensing is done country by country, the offer of tracks varies.

play music
The nine flags. / Google

With the addition of these nine, now 43 countries have All Access. In Brazil, we have access to Books and Movies, and there is no forecast for the entry of Music and TV shows (Given that the digital music market in Brazil has been growing lately, maybe Google will decide when to invest here).

What music services do you use? If they use any.

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