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No, Apple (apparently) is not building a speaker for Siri along the lines of Amazon Echo

We've talked here a few times about the possibility that Apple is about to launch a dedicated speaker Siri to compete with the (extremely successful) Amazon Echo or Google Home. Well, according to this subject of TEAM, we can cross this little rumor off our list.


Columnist Tim Bajarin states, based on conversations he had with unspecified Ma executives, that the idea of ??Cupertino turning Siri into a kind of constant presence on all user devices, always at a touch or voice command from a distance. Which, by the way, is already in practice today, with the assistant living on all devices of the company from Macs "to AirPods".

According to Bajarin, the idea of ??creating a device specific to Siri would go against this concept, as it would make its presence more associated with that device rather than having it scattered throughout Apple's universe of products. In fact, if you think about it, the idea of ??a "Siri Speaker" or something doesn't make all the sense in the world when we think we can just say "And Siri" and be promptly answered on our iPhones and iPads.

What Siri really needs, at least in the simple opinion of this writer, is a complete overhaul that makes it more open and more powerful. Yes, I know, rain in the wet and yes, I know, Apple has tried to do something similar. The fact is that, despite the efforts of Tim Cook and his class, Ma's digital assistant does not seem to have the same ability as formidable competitors such as Alexa, Cortana or Google Now.

Tell me, therefore, what you think: what is Siri missing so that she is on par with her rivals?

(via AppleInsider)