Nitrux New Release, AppImage-focused Linux Distro Released

Learn more about this distribution focusing on Qt and AppImage technologies.

Nitrux is a Linux-based system that makes use of KDE and Qt technologies. The distribution has several quirks, starting with your choice of focusing on the AppImage software packaging format. Even though it's based on Ubuntu, don't expect to find APT in that distribution and instead there is AppImage CLI Tool to manage AppImages. nitrux-linux-appimage-ubuntu-distro - qt-kde-vmetal-virtualization-windows

Your Desktop environment is KDE Plasma 5, but with some modifications. It is not quite a new graphic environment, but it gives a proper identity for distraction. This customization is called by the NX Desktop project, however they emphasize that this is not a fork, a new DE or something, just the good old KDE Plasma. Here is a video from version 1.0.16 made by the people of Linux Scoop.

Many other interesting features such as: znx, MauiKit and VMetal are present. Speaking of VMetal, specifically, I was attracted by its performance while running Windows 10 in parallel with Nitrux. The project promises, and who knows how to run Windows software, say that Adobe family programs could be reality. Obviously, without the aid of technologies like Wine, Proton, etc. Below is a video demonstrating Windows running under Nitrux.

If you are interested in VMetal, access the post from the Nitrux team detailing testing and project development. It is noteworthy that some interfaces of their applications are developed by Nitrux using the framework MauiKit, the store an example.

New version released!

The Nitrux 1.2.1 release announcement was made directly on its official Twitter profile, indicating the availability of the system and its support and FAQ. In addition to encouraging the download.

Did you already know Nitrux? It is unusual to see a distribution using AppImages instead of a package manager or maybe a Flatpak of life.

Particularly what attracts me to VMetal, this one catches my attention. When one of those responsible for Nitrux, the Uri Herrera, made the post on Medium I was impressed. _____________________________________________________________________________ See any errors or would you like to add any suggestions to this article? Collaborate, click here.