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Nintendo’s Animal Crossing reaches $ 50 million in revenue

THE Nintendo immersed itself in the (extremely profitable) mobile platform segment and is reaping the rewards with games that have become hits, like Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes – both titles that have already passed the impressive milestone $ 50 million in revenue. Now, another creation by the Kyoto giant is reaching its value: the game Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

Who brought the news was Sensor Tower, which took into account earnings from both the App Store and Google Play. And despite the important milestone, Animal Crossing is Nintendo’s title that took the longest to reach $ 50 million so far: 289 days, against 222 of Super Mario Run and – amazingly – just 20 of Fire Emblem Heroes.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp reaches $ 50 million in revenue

It is worth noting that, among the three titles, there are differences in the way Nintendo profits from the players’ rich buck: the Italian plumber’s game charges a one-time fee to be fully unlocked, while Fire Emblem Heroes is free, but has paid items important (but not mandatory) to advance the game. Animal Crossing follows a similar mechanics, but the purchase of items is less decisive than in your older brother.

81% of Animal Crossing’s profit, incidentally, comes from Nintendo’s homeland – the Japanese, as is well known, are old and good addicts of games on smartphones and tablets. IOS contributes most of the revenue, with 61%, and the game has already been installed on more than 25 million devices.

It remains to be seen now what are the next steps in Big N – it is known that a new title developed by the giant, Dragalia Lost, will reach the platforms by the end of the month; after that, we will see the highly anticipated arrival of Mario Kart on smartphones and tablets. What schemes should they follow to continue profiting horrors from casual players? That, we will have to wait and see.

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via MacRumors