Nintendo Wii U Emulator on Linux

The Nintendo Wii U was not a super-best seller of Nintendo, not falling for the people. However, the platform has amazing games, and you own a Wii U know very well which games I'm talking about (). If for some reason you want to have fun playing Wii U titles on your computer, specifically on Linux, here's how to proceed.

nintendo-wiiu-emulator-decaf-cemu-windows-linux-wine-pol-playonlinux-lutris-ubuntu-mint-deepin There are currently two Nintendo Wii U emulators, the Decaf-emu it's the Cemu. Being the first free software and the second owner. At the moment only Decaf-emu has native version for Linux, however Cemu can be easily run on the penguin system. We will demonstrate the installation of this emulator on Linux.

Some may ask the following question: Why not display Decaf-emu? Decaf-emu looks promising, but its performance is still not comparable to Cemu's and the emulator suffers from some problems. A curiosity that some Cemu developers exchange stickers with Decaf-emu staff in order to mature the project and assist in its development. Another interesting point is the adoption of Vulkan that has been implemented and tested for some time in Decaf-emu, something that eventually reflected in Cemu.

Cemu developers have started studying the implementation of Vulkan, and a exclusive backing for project supporters, who contribute $ 5 via Patreon, to early development using the API. A very important step for AMD GPU users on Windows (which do not have equivalent performance compared to NVidia GPUs on Microsoft's system), and it may eventually reflect for Linux users. Cemu developers have already expressed interest in making their Linux emulator available, but stated that the project was not yet mature enough for such a venture. With the implementation of Vulkan, being an alternative to OpenGL, maybe the tests for Linux are approaching (it costs nothing to dream). In the meantime, I will demonstrate installing the version for Windows.

Cemu via Lutris

There are several ways to use Cemu on Linux, one of the most practical via Lutris. Obviously, as it is a Windows application, we will have to install Wine (responsible for running programs developed for the MS system).

With everything set up, and with Lutris installed, open Lutris and in your search box type: Cemu and click on Search (to search the application site). Do not be alarmed if the result is not immediately, wait a few seconds.


Select Cemu, then click the button. Install and wait for the whole process.

nintendo-wiiu-emulator-decaf-cemu-windows-linux-wine-pol-playonlinux-lutris-ubuntu-mint nintendo-wiiu-emulator-decaf-cemu-windows-linux-wine-pol-playonlinux-lutris-ubuntu-mint

A window opens, asking if you want to perform that request via Lutris, click Open Link and in Lutris install the emulator.

nintendo-wiiu-emulator-decaf-cemu-windows-linux-wine-pol-playonlinux-lutris-ubuntu-mint Now Cemu will be installed on your system and with the additional Cemu Hook, a complement that helps in the execution of games. But the Lutris installation script doesn't always follow the latest versions of the emulator, so don't worry. We can get around this little problem easily. As you can see from the link on Cemu's Lutris page, which I left above, you notice that there are two versions available of the emulator (Cemu 1.15.8 and Cemu 1.15.11). Going on Cemu's website, the latest version for download is 15.11.12b (08/16 // 2019).

What to do? Download the latest version from the site, unzip the file. Copy content and replace with Lutris emulator. To access Cemu files via Lutris, click on the Cemu icon in Lutris with the right mouse button and go to Browse files. The directory will open in file manager. Replace the files with those you downloaded from the Lutris website. With each new verse, repeat the procedure.


Remembering that due to the installation of Cemu via Lutris, Cemu Hook will continue to be enabled. No need to rename the directories or something.

In my channel (OSystematic) I demonstrated how to install Cemu + Cemu Hook via PlayOnLinux. However, the form demonstrated via Lutris is very practical and saves several steps. If for some reason you prefer via POL, see the video below (I also show Cemu's settings).

Cemu is a fantastic emulator, but Wii U games require game-oriented hardware. Of course, you will be able to test on your machine. By way of comparison, Super Smash Bros. runs at 60fps (with slight drops) on an AMD A10 7890k APU on Ubuntu 18.04 (GNOME), without a dedicated video card. Some adjustments can be made for best performance of each particular title, on the internet there are numerous videos demonstrating step by step.

According to Cemu's website requirements, the use of an AMD or NVidia video card is one of the requirements and in some cases AMD APUs can play certain games. If you have a modest machine, it's worth the test, but don't expect too much.

You can use Cemu via POL, Lutris or directly on Wine. The purpose of this tutorial is to help beginners and demonstrate that the procedure can be done via graphical interface and very simple.

By the next post, and have a good game, SYSTEMATICALLY!

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