Nintendo DS 3D

Nintendo unveils new DS 3D

(Updated) After a long presentation to detail a set of news about new games for the brand’s consoles, Nintendo President Reggie Fils-Aime finally presented what was expected: a new version of the Nintendo DS with support for games three dimensions.

The new Nintendo 3D S was presented in a short animated video, as it was possible to follow via webcast on the company website of the press conference held within the scope of E3. Soon after, the room was invaded by a large number of assistants with copies of the console, so that the audience could experiment.

Before passing the ball on to the audience, Reggie Fils-Aime just stressed that this would be the first time that 3D can be experienced without glasses.

The new DS has a 3.5 inch screen on the top and a smaller touch screen on the bottom. As in previous models, it integrates a camera but this time with two lenses, which support the capture of photographs in three dimensions.

The prices and date of availability of the new console have not been revealed. It is only known that several studios are developing games for the DS 3DS, including Electronic Arts, Activision, Ubisoft, Konami or Square Enix.

Nintendo DS 3D

Games were also the dominant theme at Nintendo’s press conference, especially new titles for Wii, such as a new sequel to The Legend of Zelga, taking advantage of the motion sensor that can work in conjunction with the console’s controls.

Another novelty exclusive to Wii will be a new version of the game GoldenEye. In multiplayer version, playable online. It hits stores in November.

For the new DS, we highlight the Kid Icarus, which ensures full compatibility with 3D features. Added to the new game are some versions of old games, such as Nintendogs which also gets a 3D version.

Editorial Note: The news was updated with a video meanwhile made available by Nintendo.