Nintendo Switch Parental Control Bowser

Nintendo Switch will have parental control app for iOS

THE Nintendo held a special event to announce the game catalog, specifications, price and release date for its newest console, the Nintendo Switch. Focusing a lot on family fun, the company also revealed an app for parents to keep an eye on the kids.

In a very cute video (above), with the “big boss” Bowser and his young, Nintendo presented the iOS application that will allow those responsible for children to control and discipline the interaction of the little ones with the Switch.

Nintendo Switch Parental Control BowserWouldn’t it be better to use an iPhone 7 Plus, Bowser? Ho ho… ?

In the application, it will be possible to control the time limit that the child will remain playing. As soon as the limit is reached, she will see a notification in the corner of the screen, which will mean that her time is up. However, if she continues to play beyond her time, the app will also show parents. For those who already know that just a warning will not take effect, it will be possible to activate the option to “suspend the system” (force) on the consoles as soon as the time limit is reached.

Time limits are customizable and can be configured for each day of the week (and weekend) – which is great. Parents will also be able to see which games their children are playing the most through monthly reports. In addition, blocking options may restrict some games with a certain age rating or the use of chats and social media.

The intention is certainly noble and will help many dads and moms out there, but I predict that many procrastinating big guys will be able to take advantage of that too, right? ?

Nintendo Switch Console

The hybrid console will allow the user to play both on their TV, at home, and on a tablet (part of the console), to continue having fun wherever they go. The Nintendo Switch is scheduled for March 3; it will cost $ 300 and titles like Super Mario Odyssey, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Splatoon 2 have already been announced.

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After the announcement of Super Mario Run at first hand in an Apple keynote and now this, it seems that this partnership will bring more good results out there!

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