Nintendo plans mobile games

THE Nintendo probably the company that most controls its intellectual property. With the exception of Philips CD-i games, in the early 1990s, Nintendo never released its characters and stories to platforms other than its own. Yesterday the Japanese said that this will change.

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Is Mario the first? / Nintendo
<p>During the statement of financial results, Nintendo announced plans to bring 5 mobile platform games by March 2017, and the first title will be available later this year. The company's plans are to develop games from scratch, not just to port existing games to the new platform. This explains the small amount of titles to be developed in 2 years.</p><div class='code-block code-block-2' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>

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Zelda and Link? / Nintendo
<p>Nintendo did not provide further information about the <em>games</em>, that is, we do not know which titles will be released (Zelda, please), the order in which they will be released (Zelda first, please), whether they will be paid or with in-app purchases (Zelda paid, please), or even which platforms will be available. Nintendo's partner in this venture is DeNA, responsible for titles such as Marvel Mighty Heroes, Transformers Age of Extinction, Godus, Star Wars – Galactic Defense, among others. </p>
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Fewer options in the Play Store. / Sega

In related news, Sega has announced that it will remove some games from the Play Store, Samsung App Store and Amazon App Store. The company did not specify which games. According to Sega, the company "committed to making games mobile fun and high quality, and to ensure the best experience for your players, so remove some games from the catalog ".

Which Nintendo characters and games do you want to see on Android?

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