Nintendo game secrets hidden for over 30 years are revealed in leak

Nintendo game secrets hidden for over 30 years are revealed in leak

Nintendo's secret archives show everything from Yoshi old man to pornographic content

Recently some users of the 4Chan discovered and released a series of files with game source codes for Nintendo, and it didn’t take long for the fans of the brand to find several peculiarities and secrets about established franchises, such as The Legend of Zelda, Pokmon, super Mario and Star Fox.

When we talk about leaks, there is always the possibility that we are reporting made up facts, or most of the time, out of context. However, the information revealed appears to be 100% legitimate, since a former Nintendo developer, responsible for the Star Fox franchise commented on the matter and practically confirmed the veracity, since he had developed one of the leaked mechanics.

“WTF I don't see this tool I made for StarFox 2 almost 30 years ago. I wrote in C ++ to learn the language more than anything. How the hell did these hackers get this obscure data? ”

Dylan Cuthbert, developer of four games in the Star Fox saga

In addition, other Nintendo related people, like data miners (data explorers) famously reiterated that it would be practically impossible to create or invent a leak like this from scratch. So it's time to learn the Big N's hidden secrets over the years.

Luigi's middle finger

One of the most famous and charismatic characters in the history of Nintendo, Luigi has always had the history of being frightened, especially if we take into account the franchise Luigi’s Mansionbut innocent he had nothing. Files Super Mario World, from 1989, revealed sprites of the character giving the middle finger.

Other users also discovered a character folder in the Super Mario 64, which was a confirmation that Nintendo always had plans to include it in the project, but it never actually materialized this initiative.

Yoshi with mustache and Mario Kart

Super cute and charismatic Yoshi couldn't be left out. A version of the dinosaur with a white beard and mustache was found, in addition to a prototype from Yoshi’s Island with a different graphics engine, and a Super Mario trailer with a completely different soundtrack.

One of the great mysteries of Nintendo's history was whether Mario really beat Yoshi to spit fire and yes, it really did. When accessing old game sprites, a user was able to capture the perfect frames that prove it.

Indite Pokmons

Pokmon has always been a great flagship for Nintendo, and developers have created several models of the monsters that never took official form, but were discovered in secret files.

The leak revealed this beta version of Garchomp, and an evolution of Giratina, number 487, which you can see below.

Secret Phases and Link

Data explorers also found some phases of Super Mario 64, set in a castle, not to mention a prototype of the protagonist Link, from The Legend of Zelda.

The Nintendo leak revealed an early version of Link in Super Mario 64. Link's initial verse in Super Mario 64

High-quality images were also revealed, and showed a standard of definition that had not been disclosed before.

In addition, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time also had some leaked models, which impress by the level of details.

Nintendo for larger…

Unfortunately the bad part of the leaks was the menes pornographymainly during the development of the Star Fox series, of jokes that really speak of erotic content.

User Kaitlyn Molinas, who found this peculiar information, said that “the real reason why Star Fox 2 it was canceled because the developers were too busy focusing on porn ”.

In contrast, the same developer of the franchise that gave credibility to the leak countered the criticisms of the game's development.

"It seems that there has been a massive leak of the Star Fox source code and people are more interested in finding the word" f # der "in the comments than the fact that we have one of the first multithreaded tokenized scripting languages ​​in a game" .

Dylan Cuthbert, developer of four games in the Star Fox saga

These were just some of the leaks found and listed, but it is possible that it requires a much larger number of hidden information that are circulating on the internet. Nintendo has not yet officially commented on what happened.

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Source: Polygon