Nikon is giving free online photography courses

Nikon is giving free online photography courses

This is not the best time to leave the house and photograph landscapes, given the current state of emergency, triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, but Nikon is giving you the opportunity to respond to your desire with a set of training courses. photography online.

The company made 10 digital lessons available on its website, until the end of April, and recalls that its mission has always been "to empower creators". "In these times of uncertainty, we can do this by keeping creators inspired and connected and by contributing to their growth," wrote the American brand in a statement.

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Classes last between 15 and 70 minutes and usually cost between 15 and 50 dollars, so photography courses are being offered in the amount of more or less 250 dollars.

The "summary" of the lessons includes content such as landscape photography, macro photography and principles of photography. There is also a class on the development of video clips and the range of teachers includes names like Reed Hoffman and Chris Hershman. There are also some videos that teach specific techniques for certain camera models.

To access these courses, just register on the American brand website, with name and email.