Nike will use augmented reality to find the right shoe

Last February, we released some apps that use the benefits of augmented reality (AR) to make life easier for users, allowing them to experience virtual glasses and even tennis. In the silent theme, the Nike It also took advantage of the advantages of AR and announced a new feature powered by the technology.

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Denominated Nike Fit, the appeal was announced today by the American clothing giant, as the Engadget. According to the company, technology combines augmented reality, computer vision and artificial intelligence to help consumers find the best draft without actually experiencing it.

To use the feature that will be available from July in the United States, initially, the user must navigate through the Nike app and, beside the illustration of a particular product, tap the new option to measure the feet.

The software then recognizes the user's feet and calibrates the in-app settings to present custom shoe options. According to surveys conducted by Nike, over 60% of people wear the wrong size shoes, something the company intends to address with the news.

Nike Fit measures your feet virtually to the size of the millimeter, and can tell you if your right foot is larger than your left or vice versa. The company says that, based on the first tests, it is quite confident in technology, so much so that it plans to make it a central feature of its application, not just an experiment or a marketing ploy.

The feature should make the company's shopping system even easier, as the app can save a trip to the store and allow users to easily order online (and safely knowing that tennis isn't too loose / tight) ).

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Image: https://www.engadget/2019/05/09/nike-fit-augmented-reality-right-fit-size-shoes/#/

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The company plans to take this data even further by creating a unique shopping experience for each user from the data entered into the app and recommendations based on their profile. Nike store clerks will also have access to a version of Nike Fit to help consumers by recommending them the best footwear.

As we said, Nike Fit will be available in the US from next July; The resource is also expected to arrive in Europe later this year.

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