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Nike and Apple reach agreement in class action related to FuelBand bracelet

Nike and Apple reached an agreement this weekend regarding a collective action that started about two years ago, related to promotional materials for the FuelBand bracelet.

According to AppleInsider, the whole process can cost Nike $ 2.4 million by paying $ 15 in cash or $ 25 in gift cards for use in its stores (in the United States and Puerto Rico) to all FuelBand buyers between 19 from January 2012 to June 17, 2015.

Action claims that both companies have made false claims about the bracelet's features and capabilities, particularly in relation to step count, calories burned and general activity. Nike and Apple denied the charges, but agreed to compensate consumers for the inconvenience caused by the lawsuit as a whole.

Apple stopped selling FuelBands at its Retail Stores in mid-March, along with other smart bracelets.