Nicaraguan army invades Costa Rica and blames Google Maps

Nicaraguan army invades Costa Rica and blames Google Maps

According to several international news agencies, an error in Google Maps may be responsible for the recent conflict between the governments of Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

In Google images, Nicaraguan territory extends to the banks of a river, while official maps say that Costa Rica has sovereignty on both sides of the river.

In response to what happened, Google declared in its blog for Latin America that “there is an inaccuracy in the demarcation of the border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua and is working to update the information” as soon as possible.

Daniel Helft, Google’s director of communications, policies and public affairs for the region, also said in a statement that Google’s involvement is an attempt to find an explanation for the invasion.

“Although Google maps are of a very high quality and the company is constantly working to improve and update the existing information, they can in no way be taken as a reference when deciding military actions between the two nations,” said the executive.