Next version of Swiftkey should feature anonymous mode

Easy to use and packed with features, Swiftkey is one of the most popular virtual keyboards in the Android world. The app developer team has created a beta version of Swiftkey and one of the new features just added in anonymous mode or incognito mode. If approved by users testing the app, this feature can reach the official app in the next major Swiftkey update.

Swiftkey beta brings annimo mode to keyboard

Just as we have the incognito mode in Allo, Chrome and Telegram application chats, for example, we will now have a version with greater privacy, just on a keyboard. But what does it mean? According to the app developers, incognito mode will not save information about everything you type using the keyboard. That is, will not learn from the user.

To activate Swiftkey's incognito mode in beta, simply click on the menu, choose the "Incognito" option and you will see that the keyboard has changed color to identify that you are on safe ground. This feature is present in Swiftkey beta version 6.4.5.

The feature would be a great option in the original Swiftkey version, however, when the keyboard learns from me, my writing process is optimized. And this is one of Swiftkey's big differentials, the prediction system.

swiftkey incognito mode anonymous
Anonymous keyboard mode can now be used in Swiftkey / AndroidPIT beta

Swiftkey uses neural networks to predict words more accurately

Neural networks are resources of artificial intelligence whose learning system gives us the same answers we give a human being when asked about something. Or, in a more mobile example, they are widely used in personal assistants, such as Google Now, Siri (iOS), and Cortana (Windows Phone), in addition to Alexa from Amazon.

Now, using these neural networks in Swiftkey allows for better word prediction and suggestion. To do this, the functionality analyzes the context of all phrases typed on the smartphone and indicates those that agree with what the user talks to his caller.

For example, if he writes Meet You Not …, Swiftkey will suggest terms like airport, office, restaurant, and so on. Or if you say I'll make a cake, the keyboard will predict and indicate words like chocolate, strawberry, carrot, etc.

comparison 3
left, how Swiftkey's first neural networks worked; right upgrading this feature with more accurate word predictions and suggestions / Swiftkey

This is the first time Swiftkey has used neural networks on its virtual keyboard. In October last year, the app developers launched Swiftkey Neural Alpha, which already featured this Artificial Intelligence model. Now, after nearly a year of testing, this feature gets a definite upgrade.

Bad part of this news: At least so far this news is available only for the English language, more precisely in the United States and the United Kingdom. However, the app developers promise that neural networks will reach other languages ​​very soon.

How to have the latest version of Swiftkey on your Android

If you want to try Swiftkey or have the latest version of the app on your smartphone, download the keyboard from the Play Store. Now for news that may be added to Swiftkey before regular users, download the beta app from the Android store.

SwiftKey Keyboard
Install on Google Play

SwiftKey Beta
Install on Google Play

What about, do you use the beta version of Swiftkey?

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