Alleged sixth generation iPhone battery

Next iPhone battery will be practically the same as the current one, of the 4S model

We’ve already seen many, many pieces that are supposed to be destined for the next iPhone. But one of them we didn’t know yet: the battery. So far!

Alleged sixth generation iPhone battery

According to 9to5Mac – which received the image from a reliable source -, the advances in the battery of the next iPhone will be similar to those of the last generations. From the iPhone 4 to the 4S, for example, the battery went from 1,420mAh to 1,430mAh. The gain in the next version will be the same, going from 1,430mAh to 1,440mAh. The voltage, which on the iPhone 4 / 4S is 3.7, should be 3.8 on the new device. The watts-per-hour increases from 5.25 (iPhone 4) and 5.3 (iPhone 4S) to 5.45.

Also according to them, the battery was produced in June this year, which makes sense for the company’s plans to launch the product in September / October – the latest rumors spiked on September 12.

The question here is this: some things, like a possible 28 nanometer processor, will help save battery. However, with a 4-inch screen (slightly larger than the current one), 4G connectivity (LTE) and other improvements that should come with the new device, will this small gain be enough to improve battery performance? In the new iPad, for example, it went from 6,944mAh to 11,666mAh, that is, it almost doubled in capacity – all to maintain the same 10 hours of use, it is true.

Of course, battery-related technologies are evolving – five years ago, for example, Research In Motion (RIM) executives did not believe Steve Jobs when he announced the iPhone, saying it was impossible for such a device to work for more than a few minutes. / hours. However, the impression is that everything is evolving at a fast pace, while in this area things are slower.