News on Blog Diolinux

Alright guys?

Well, first of all I want to thank the audience of this blog that grows every day, thanks to you last month we had over 50,000 page views.

I want through this post to tell you readers of the blog, that me and my team are having some timekeepers and the posts are getting less frequent unlike last month, when we managed to make more than 150 posts, the reasons are several especially very job.

Even so, we will always try to bring good content, tips, about computers, Linux, Android, Ubuntu, Internet, Games in general.

Thanks for the patience of all, because we spent a few days without posting and a few days posting simpler things, let's go to the good news that we come back with news, big news, I will make even a short list later.

The focus of the blog has changed over time, which started out as a kind of journal diary has created a more professional and more diverse content, so I want to introduce you to everything we have available to you dear reader.

#1 – We recently did an opinion poll, and among the suggestions we had, one came true, we opened a Security Tips and News session, involving Internet Security, Smartphones, Windows (also) and of course Linux and Ubuntu.

The poll was so successful that we decided to keep it indefinitely, so we can always listen to our readers, leave your opinion it important to us, click here to respond and participate. #2 – We have also grouped our Downloads tips into a special category too, if you want to know just click this link. download "src =" http://4.bp.blogspot/-ont_Zzl1DEw/T_yoatrA4VI/AAAAAAAABWY/qxAUmzX2qzo/s1600/download.png # 3 – Now, as one of my colleagues and a very good Graphic Designer Blog, let's launch a monthly Customized Geeks Wallpaper Pack. You can download this month's pack from this link. # 5 – Let's open the Let's Rock page, which is practically a blog of Diolinux's son, where we usually post Movie, Book and Record tips every Friday to give your weekend a UP if you stay home anyway.

# 6 – We have gathered our entire repository of Tips in a stronghold with only one page.

# 7 – We created a page categorized in Hardware to better organize the content. # 8 – We also separated some tips for using social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus (Orkut no!) # 10 – We created a custom version of Ubuntu, Diolinux OS can be downloaded from here. # 11 – From this item forward, come the latest news, We developed Diolinux Mobile, Android version, iPhone and Java, to be carried on any device. Install on your smartphone or phone by clicking here. android and ios # 12 – Diolinux now has a custom Google Chrome theme for Ambiance (Ubuntu) and Adawita (Gnome) desktop theme versions. Install in your browser now! twitter_logo# 14 – Add our Official Facebook Profile and like Pgina

And last but not least, we are developing an App for Google Chrome, which we will launch soon, if you like Diolinux stay tuned, we will soon be releasing the App.