News: "Needy people get viruses on Android"

News: "Needy people get viruses on Android"

Fake app tricks many users who were looking for a better half

Fake Online Dating App Steals Nearly $ 4 Million Users


The App known as Sakura, which was being entered into the Apple App Store was caught by Symantec, the mobile security company, and while it was barred right into the iPhone store on Android he had already made the party, stealing some 3.9 million dollars. between 2012 and 2013 over a period of 7 months.

According to information from the Symantec blog, about 150 domains were registered to host the gang's malicious applications, which were able to collect 37 million email from users from 810,000 devices. Android.

The malware known as Android.Enesoluty A Trojan horse that has been rated by Symantec as "low" risk, while not looking so dangerous it was able to wreak havoc by stealing user information and sending it to a remote server.

The App was an application that promoted dating and online dating.

This raises some questions, the system Android Safe by nature if used in a "Regular" manner, but problems can happen if you install APKs from unknown sources.

But another "but" that has to be taken into account that the App was in Google Play and there was a long time until it was discovered, is Google relaxing in safety?

Another issue that can be raised is that users look for an app for the purpose that the App said it had, ie online dating, people are increasingly moving away from each other, is that the best way to cure their need. download an app?

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