Mac mini connected to an HDMI cable TV

Newly launched mini Macs can suffer from “flickering”; problem is known and fix will arrive in future update

We didn’t even comment here, but some users of mini Macs – the new ones, launched by Apple at the October special event – have been complaining about a problem that makes the monitor screen flicker / flicker (flickering) when the display is connected via the HDMI input.

Mac mini connected to an HDMI cable TV

Some are complaining on the forum MacRumors and the Apple Support Communities. Apparently the problem is related to the integrated Intel HD 4000 GPU, as users of other machines equipped with it are also complaining about the issue on the Intel forum. In this topic, a representative of the chip manufacturer said he was already aware of the bug and that everything will be corrected through an update made by Apple itself, although there is no set deadline for this.

Maybe the correction does not arrive with OS X 10.8.3, which is already in the testing phase.

[via MacRumors]