New York student accused of stealing Apple stores and sues Apple [atualizado]

New York student accused of stealing Apple stores and sues Apple [atualizado]

Another lawsuit against Apple, this one quite different from what we're used to following: a student from New York sued the company in $ 1 billionclaiming that Ma's face recognition software (used in its stores) falsely linked him to a number of thefts.

According to the Bloomberg, Ousmane Bah (18) said he was arrested last November while at his home on charges of stealing Apple Stores. The arrest warrant includes a photo that, according to the lawsuit filed this week, was not his. And apparently he has even libi for one of the thefts he was charged with: when an Apple store in Boston was raided (on a June day), Bah was at a ball in Manhattan.

The student stated that he lost an apprentice driver's license (which has no photo); This document, he said, may have been found or stolen by the true thief and used as identification in one of Apple's stores. Conclusion: Bah thinks his name was connected to the thief's face in the face recognition system the company uses in its stores to track down suspicious people.

Apple and Security Industry Specialists declined to comment on the case opened in Manhattan's Southern District of New York.

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Update 4/23/2019 6:38 PM

Apple, as we speak, declined to comment on the case. But a spokesman for Ma said the company does not use face recognition technology in its stores.

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