New Xiaomi Interface Patent May Indicate Mi MIX Alpha 2

In this decade Xiaomi has achieved an enviable growth among smartphone companies and gained its space, the company has devices in various segments, positioning itself as a technology and innovation company. This year she introduced the Mi Mix Alpha, a surround screen phone, something quite innovative and that drew a lot of attention for the technology applied, becoming the true premium handset of Chinese. Now, new records indicate that a Mi Mix Alpha 2 is under development or about to be in production, as the patent images of the device have been found.

The website LetsGoDigital it was responsible for pointing out these documents, which were handed over to the responsible patent offices in China, the highlight of the mobile phone is a front almost completely screened and without an apparent front camera. The documents are from a year ago, were only made public on December 13, 2019, until the papers were reviewed and he had trademark intellectual property protected.

In the structure shown, you can not see any button, it seems that the screen has a very large coverage or even the entire device. The interface images you check out are from Xiaomi, although they were first found by the site LetsGoDigital. An important highlight is that all available screenshots are colored, indicating that it is possible that Xiaomi already has the device working and not only generated the images.

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The interface has several details, as the screen goes to the side of the device, you can see that it changes according to what is used by the user, demonstrating useful information. Battery, open applications, network signal quality and all that information that is usually on the top of the phone will be on the side screen.

Source: LetsGoDigital. [TagsToTranslate] xiaomi