New WannaLocker Malware Hits Mobile Phones, May Steal Bank Data | Security

WannaCry, a ransomware outbreak that ran the world in 2017, was one of the biggest cyber security threats of recent years. Researchers are still unsure how new malware invades mobile devices, but they suspect this through malicious links and third-party store apps.

According to the researchers, a Triad Horse tries to fool the user with a fake interface that mimics that of a bank. The software states that there is a problem and requests a login so that the person can solve it. When the alleged access information is provided, the malware steals a huge amount of mobile phone manufacturer data and other hardware details, call log, text messages, phone, camera photos, contact list, GPS location and even video recordings. Microphone audio.

To avoid being the victim of such an attack, I need to be aware of some measures. When downloading a banking app, confirm that you have the official version verified. If something seems strange while using the app, contact your bank's service team. Whenever possible, enable and use two-factor authentication. Also try to have a good antivirus installed to identify and block malware.