New virus passes for iTunes update

The iPad has barely begun to reach the first users and is already being used as a pretext for the spread of new computer threats. The latest “innovation” is a supposed update to iTunes for the new tablet of Apple that triggers the installation of malicious code and leaves at the mercy of cybercriminals various sensitive user data.

The information is conveyed by BitDefender, which issued an online alert explaining that although the “bait” used is the iPad, the virus targets PC users, being harmless on Mac operating systems.

Respondents receive an email where they are invited to download the latest version of iTunes for the iPad. The message provides specific instructions on how to do the installation, which implies download of a file to the computer followed by its transfer to the tablet.

BitDefender image

The e-mail message, which is described as very persuasive, further explains that the update is intended to guarantee iTunes “better performance, new features and greater security” and provides a link, from which the software can be downloaded.

Upon accessing the page, the malicious code “Backdoor.Bifrose.AADY” is launched, which allows remote access to machines and data such as the serial numbers of software installed on the computer and user access credentials to services such as Messenger or mail accounts, for example.