New videos from the “Behind the Mac” campaign feature musician James Blake and photographer Tyler Mitchell

Ten days ago, Apple ran a commercial starring the musician James Blake, GRAMMY winner, for your campaign “Behind the Mac” (“Behind the Mac”).

Today, she brought us a more complete video showing Blake in the process of creating a song at her home. Check out:

“It feels like a dream I’m walking through and I am able to affect what happens in it.” James Blake lets us enter your brain as you write the new song “ASK FOR MORE”. Remote cameras were installed in the GRAMMY® Award winner’s home studio, capturing his entire creative process while he worked on writing, recording and editing the music over a 24-hour period. From the time spent making a melody on your piano, going through loops and releasing the melody and adding layers, instruments and vocals in Logic Pro X on your MacBook, until you edit it into a finished song. Completing the track just after 1 am.

But that was not the only new video aired today. We also have one with the photographer Tyler Mitchell, who in 2018 became famous for photographing Beyoncé for a magazine cover Vogue.

Check out:

“What can I do with the sweaters I wore on my back.” Tyler Mitchell takes us to his home in Bed-Stuy, while he works on a new series of portraits using only elements from his own room. Remote cameras were installed in the fashion photographer’s apartment, capturing his creative process as he filmed and edited the series over a 24-hour period. Searching the references, compiling a mood board, capturing the images, scanning them on the MacBook and editing the selections in Photoshop. Putting the final touches on portraits before midnight.

Very cool feeling of the videos, right? ?


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