New video of the campaign "Filmed with iPhone" was directed by Brazilian

Apple today aired another video on its series YouTube channel “Filmed with iPhone”:

Las Cholitas Voladoras is an association of female fighters based in El Alto, Bolivia. Her skill and creativity are empowering women throughout Bolivia to exploit her cultural pride and artistic expression.

The movie, of course, was all shot using iPhones XS and XS Max; curiosity, however, is that he was directed by Michael Johnson and Luisa Drr.

Luisa Brasileira and j have been involved with Apple (at first, perhaps, indirectly) in at least two works in the past: the magazine's 12 covers TEAM photographed with an iPhone and as a jury of the Ma.

In addition to the XS and XS Max iPhones, Apple has reported that some accessories / apps like Freefly Movi Cinema Robot, ROV Mobile Motorized Slider, FiLMiC Pro, Beastgrip lens adapter, Rig System, Moment lens and Canon EF Prime lenses have also been used. production.

The company also shared a making of:

Here are also the latest videos / shorts from Apple's “Filmed with iPhone” campaign: “Dont mess with Mother” (“Don't mess with Me”), The Reef, Maldives (“Recife, Maldives”), “Ola Cubana” and The Lonely Palm Tree, Samoa (“The Lonely Palm, Samoa”).

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