New versions of Wine, DXVK and D9VK released

Check out the news about the new versions of Wine, DXVK and D9VK.

Last Friday, the 27th, was released version 4.17 of Wine with 14 bugfixes. Simultaneously, we had the release of DXVK version 1.4.1, and D9VK version 0.22. Let's check now what are the improvements brought by the new versions of these software.


Wine 4.17

Normally, twice a month, the Wine team gives an overview of all the progress of the past few days and launches a new build. This time, in version 4.17, in addition to the 14 bugfixes, we also have some news, of which we can highlight:

New version of Mono engine, with several bugfixes.

The Mono engine is a .NET Framework implementation used by Wine to run .NET-dependent applications to function.

Support for compressed textures in DXTn format.

Initial version of the Windows Script Runtime Library.

Support for XrandR device change notifications. (For example: monitors)

Several bug fixes.

Look on here the official release note with all the news and bug fixes.

DXVK 1.4.1

Just eight days after the release of DXVK 1.4, released 1.4.1. The amount of corrections and news of this version may seem small. But if you consider the timeframe since the previous release, it is very clear how the team has been working hard and fast to improve the software.

In this latest version of DXVK we can highlight the following:

Fixed some potential crashes in the D3D10 code.

Fixed bug that caused Batman Arkham City to crash.

Reporting all GPUs as Nvidia hardware to work around issue with AMDAGS library, which happened after last update on Hitman 2 game.

Missing shader instructions implemented to fix crashes and rendering failures in Ni No Kuni Remastered game.

The full list of enhancements can be found. on here.

D9VK 0.22

Less than a week after the release of version 0.21, the D9VK 0.22 was released. As with the DXVK, considering the amount of time since the previous release, a large number of bugfixes and new features were not expected.

Among the improvements of this verse, we can highlight:

Fixed an issue that caused some games to send error notifications, notifying the user that they are running very old video drivers.

Fixed shadow rendering bug in The Sims 2.

A complete list of enhancements can be found. on here.

At the rate we are seeing things progress in recent times, in the Linux gaming world, you can't feel anything other than joy and pride about how the situation is. Compared, for example, to how it was two years ago. The isolated novelties of these latest versions, reported in this article, may seem few. But if we are going to look at everything that has been done in recent months, or last year, it is really a lot.

What do you think about the way, and how fast, Linux distributions are evolving as a gaming platform?

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