New version of WhatsApp adds camera icon to chat

New version of WhatsApp adds camera icon to chat

A new beta version of WhatsApp for Android has just been released with changes that bring the messaging app closer to the Facebook app. See below what has changed in WhatsApp and download APK with update.

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The new WhatsApp update. / AndroidPIT

The new beta version has build number 2.11.209 and so far does not bring the expected free calls, which have even been incorporated into Facebook Messenger.

Still, the application team has made a number of minor changes to this update, which are still in progress.

The Update Changes

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 left before upgrade (microphone icon only); Right, the shortcut to the camera. / AndroidPIT
<p>After installing the APK (link at the end of this article), the first change jumps to the eye. We see that in the text entry bar we now have two icons, a microphone for voice messages and the new shortcut for the camera.</p>
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Clicking on the icon we also notice another novelty: a proper interface for the camera in the WhatsApp application. In my case, it looks a lot like the camera app on my smartphone, but with a simple UI too: at the bottom of the screen is a blue shutter button, an icon for switching from the rear to the front camera. In other smartphones of the newsroom also appeared a flash icon. In addition, the recipient's name appears at the top of the screen. Most interestingly, when uploading the photo, a copy is not saved in our own gallery (here is how to automatically get rid of duplicate photos and videos by WhatsApp).

Finally, a change has already been reported on international blogs but has not reached my smartphone: it is an orange ball for pending notifications that appears on the WhatsApp icon, just like what happens with Facebook and WhatsApp for iOS . If anyone has received this change, tell us below, okay?

The APK for the new WhatsApp update can be downloaded here.

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