New version of PSP emulator gets more performance

If you like Sony PSP and would like to play some classics on your Ubuntu, PPSSPP will serve you well.

If you like to play Sony PSP classics and wish you could play on your Ubuntu, PPSSPP can serve you well and give you a few hours of play. New verse PSP emulator gain more performance We have already made a post here on the blog explaining how to install it on Ubuntu and Linux Mint, but recently the emulator has received a version update and brought several improvements, including patches, being available for Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04 and 18.04.

The version currently available at 1.6.3 and brought improvements such as:

– OpenGL backend now with enhanced multi-core processing, boosting speed;

– Several performance enhancements with Vulkan;

Memory allocation corrections;

– GPU command interpreter performance improvement GPU with command interpreter performance improvements

– Several fixes for changing apps and widgets on Android;

– Bug fixes and some compiler performance improvements. ARM64 JIT and the IR interpreter;

– Vulkan-enabled cache shader;

– Several corrections to iOSincluding JIT and file browser;

– Improved compatibility with macOS;

– Improved texture replacement feature (note: some textures used in version 1.5.4 may become incompatible with the new version) Texture replacement patch ID (note: some textures in 1.5.4 may become incompatible);

– Improvements to local multiplayer (ad hoc);

– Support Vulkan for Linux

For more information about the installation and future news, just stay tuned here on the blog, or on the official website of PPSSPP.

Tell us in the comments about your experience emulating PSP games with PPSSPP on Linux. Which game do you enjoy playing the most? and which ones you play the most.

Until next time and a big hug.

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