New version of HP Web OS

HP has released two more beta versions of the webOS operating system. One is intended for developers who want to develop on the platform in desktop environments (Linux Ubuntu) and the other – for "OpenEmbebbed" development environments – those who want to take the operating system to new device types. HP Web OS

Among the tools now published are 45 open source webOS components and 4500,000 lines of code, the company said, which at the end of last year – and after much uncertainty about the future of webOS – announced that it would turn the operating system into a platform. Open code.

Once you have made available in June The first open source version of the operating system, intended for anyone who wanted to program for TouchPad. The release of what HP called the "August Edition" came up, made under the Apache 2.0 license, one of the most open and well accepted in the community, according to those responsible for the project.

The desktop beta includes a version of webOS System Manager that will run as an Ubuntu application, with features including rendering of webOS Card View, Launcher, Status Bar, and other OS user interface elements. Nuclear operating system applications can run this way and the release also supports applications developed using third party platforms such as the Enyo framework for JavaScript.

Launching a version for the OpenEmbedded platform was a natural decision because of its growing community adoption, excellent support for cross-compiling embedded platforms and multiple hardware architectures, adds the software team.

The company asked the community to discuss features, bugs, and fixes that could improve beta, and promised more news about the future of webOS for September, along with the next release.

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