New version of ArcMenu brings a new layout, Unity Dash

A new ArcMenu update brought many new features and improvements, one of which is Unity Dash.

One of the most popular extensions for Gnome, ArcMenu, now comes in version 41, with several code improvements and a new layout added, Unity Dash.

  New version of ArcMenu brings a new layout, Unity Dash We have already covered here on the blog, versions 33 and 38, which among the available layouts, have some like Windows 10, KRunner and Budgie for example.

We can point out in these novelties, three (3) that stand out more in this version 41.

The first novelty announced was the full integration with Dash to Dock, which according to them, was thanks to Andrew Zaech (Lead Project JS Developer), and his dedication to the integration of the two projects, which was possible.

The second novelty announced, was the possibility from version 41 of ArcMenu, you can create program shortcuts on the desktop with the right mouse button. It is worth mentioning that you need the extension that enables the icons on the activated desktop. Once created, you need to enable it so that it can be launched (allow launching). As in Ubuntu 19.10.

The third and last we can score, the re-design of the Ubuntu Dash layout and the new layout, Raven. The first was totally redesigned to suit the integration in the Dash to Dock and the second was inspired by Chromebooks layouts.

"Unity Dash"


They also showed a timeline of which versions of Gnome will support and which will drop. To use without any fright or anything like that, recommended by them from version 3.34. In the image below you can check out better.

But if you are using an old version of Gnome, such as 3.28 or 3.32, you can use ArcMenu version 40. As of this writing, versions 40 and 41 are still pending on EGO (Extensions Gnome Org), but are likely to be released soon. To check the full release, you can access it here. This article does not end here, keep exchanging an idea there in our forum, Diolinux Plus. I hope you see you next time, a strong hug.

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