New version of AirDroid enables notification mirroring

New version of AirDroid enables notification mirroring

O AirDroid one of the most famous android apps. It allows you to upload and download files, photos, music, etc. from your PC to your smartphone and vice versa, without the need for cables or install applications on your computer: all done over WiFi. Today the developers have released version 2.0.9, which has very interesting functions.

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New version / AirDroid
<h3>Notification Mirroring</h3>
<p>The app now offers notification mirroring service, while the AirDroid page is open and connected to your smartphone, <strong>notifications received will also be displayed in your browser</strong>, whether it's Whatsapp, Google+, Facebook, or Twitter, any supported notification that your Android is 4.0 or higher.</p>
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Notifications on your PC / AirDroid

SMS messages with attachments

Another novelty is the possibility of sending and receiving SMS messages with photos, pdf, documents or other files, the maximum attachment size of 10MB.

airdroid sms
SMS with attachments by PC / AirDroid

Move files with drag & drop

Probably what annoyed me most about the app was finally fixed: now it's possible to move files only dragging to the folder in question without the need to click the Upload. Several times I dragged and had to reconnect everything.

airdroid drag drop
Drag your files directly to the folder. / AirDroid

Other news

The new version also allows:

  • place favorite sites right on the homepage;
  • the app on android supports SD cards and
  • Contact issues have been resolved.

For those who do not know the app, we have a test of it here. More information can be found here, on the AirDroid blog and on the Play Store.

What features do you want in AirDroid?

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