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New verse for Angry Birds comes out on June 18th

It seems that Rovio is not doing enough … as if the Finnish company is not doing enough or breaking profit records in the game application world … or it just seems that the titles already achieved with the game Angry Birds are not. are enough. Well, if you're not making a mistake, don't fix it, it looks like exactly what Rovio is doing. Even though it's less than 3 months since the recent release of Angry Birds (Space Angry Birds) on the Google Play store, Rovio wants to keep up the work and will release a new version of the game next month. Happy or not with the news, we know that many will download the new episode of angry birds!

The next title will be called Angry Birds Heikki, and is scheduled to debut on June 18, which is exactly a month from now. Rovio has already launched a teaser site for the next game and we are very curious to see what kind of interaction birds and pigs will have on Angry Birds Heikki.

Heikki Kovalainen is one of Finland's finest Formula 1 riders and, as we can see on the game's promotion website, in the next version, you'll shoot birds on windshields in the hope of causing the soft destruction of your enemies … more Probably … possibly … well, it's in doubt.

I really have no idea, but one thing is certain: I will probably download it and, at some point, play it for a very long time. As my grandmother would say: Rovio has everything and is not prose!

Image credits: Ubergizmo

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