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New USB-C accessory certificate will protect devices equipped with the connector

We're getting old: It's been two and a half years since I wrote this text talking about clutter in the accessory world USB-C, which exposed MacBooks (so far, Apple's only products with the connector) and other devices to all kinds of problems, such as tampering or overloading.

From then on, not much changed even the Apple line that received several other products equipped with USB-C ports, between MacBooks Pro and Air, and the new iPads Pro. The world of protocol-based accessories and cables continues It's a dangerous territory, but it may be to change thanks to a new type of certificate.

O USB Implementers Forum (a non-profit organization dedicated to developing and implementing USB protocol standards) today announced a new type of certificate between USB-C devices that promises to protect devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers through encrypted authentication that basically shows It is to the receiver that that accessory is secure.

More precisely, authentication happens at the exact moment a USB-C cable or accessory is connected to the device before any communication is established; thus any malicious agents that may be transferred over the connection are blocked.

The certificate also addresses power issues: If the USB-C cable or charger is supplying power to an unstable or different power than that supported by the device, the transfer is also blocked.

Authentication is now available to be applied to products and devices; For now, it has optional implementation, so only interested manufacturers will implement it in their products. It is hoped that it will be widely adopted, after all there is nothing worse than exposing their expensive gadgets to the malicious intent.

via MacRumors