Satechi USB-C adapter for headphones

New USB-C accessories from Satechi include an adapter for headphones

From time to time, Satechi launches very useful (and quality) news for users of various products in the Apple world, such as Macs and iGadgets. This time, the ads were for two accessories based on the protocol USB-C – that is, that may interest MacBook owners [Pro, Air] or the new iPad Pro.

Satechi USB-C adapter for headphones

The first novelty specifically appeals to the owners of Apple’s most expensive tablets: this is the Type-C Headphone Jack Adapter, which (as the name implies) gives iPad Pro 2018 the long-awaited headphone output.

The accessory has a space gray aluminum finish, to match the iPad Pro, bringing a 3.5mm output and a USB-C port so you can recharge the tablet while listening to music. He leaves by $ 25 on American Amazon.

The second accessory, in turn, should receive more interest from MacBook owners. THE USB-C 100W Charging Cable it is a high-performance cable, capable of transferring up to 100W of energy (higher than the maximum supported by the 15-inch MacBook Pro, for example) and data at a very high speed – up to 480Mb / s, to be more exact.

Satechi 100W USB-C Cable

The handle is coated with braided nylon for superior strength and comes with a built-in velcro fastener so you can roll up the accessory and store it easily in any backpack or drawer. He leaves by $ 20 on American Amazon.

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via Apple World Today